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Department Of Applied Mechanics

Government Polytechnic, Karad

Department Of Applied Mechanics 



Sr. No. Name of Lab Major EquipmentMinor Equipment
1Applied Mechanics Laboratory(i)     Single Purchase Crab(i)     Study of friction apparatus
(ii)   Double Purchase Crab(ii)   Law of moment apparatus
(iii) Differential Axle and Wheel(iii) Reactions of Beam by Beam apparatus
(iv) Simple Screw Jack
(v)   Worm and worm Wheel
(vi) Weston’s Differential Pulley Block
(vii) Universal Force Table
2Strength of Material Laboratory(i)     Digital Universal Testing Machine 400 kN capacity(i)     Extensometer
(ii)   Izod and Charpy Impact Testing Machine(ii)   Vernier Caliper
(iii) Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine(iii) Micro meter
(iv) Tile flexural testing machine(iv) Shear attachment
(v)   Abrasion testing machine(v)   Bending test attachment
(vi) Hardness test attachment
3Concrete Technology Laboratory(i)     Digital Compression Testing Machine 2000 kN capacity(i)     Slump cone appatus
(ii)   Concrete Mixer Laboratory type(ii)   Vee Bee consistometer apparatus
(iii) Cement mortor vibrating machine(iii) Vicat’s apparatus
(iv) Concrete Cube vibrator (Platform type and Needle type)(iv) Sieve shaker with sieve set
(v)   Aggregate Impact testing machine(v)   Measuring Cylinders
(vi) Deval Attrition test apparatus
(vii) Los Angels Abrasion testing machine
(viii) Compaction factor apparatus
4Geo- Technical Laboratory(i)     Shear test apparatus with shear box and proving ring(i)     Sieve set
(ii)   California Bearing Ratio apparatus(ii)   Digital Weighing Balance
(iii) Permeability Apparatus(iii) Trays and Tin boxes
(iv) Tri-axial shear test apparatus
(v)   Casagrande’s apparatus (Liquid limit, Plastic limit)
(vi) Oven
(vii) Platform weighting machine
(viii) Core Cutter apparatus
(ix)  Modified compaction test apparatus
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